Instant Karma: 2 Punks Mess With The Wrong Man’s Lamborghini

We have all seen prankster YouTubers before, and a lot of the times, we actually love them! There’s a line between pranking someone, and really getting under their skin to where you could potentially get hurt.

Well, this next video shows that line, and apparently it’s extremely thin. These two idiots crossed that line quickly! Without being too crude, they essentially act like they are putting fake feces all over his Lamborghini, and it gets intense… quick.

Wait for the end…

Whether you think this man overreacted or not, we can all agree that kid should stop thinking that if you say, ‘It’s a prank!!!’, it immediately justifies your poor behavior…

What do you think about this? Did he overreact? Or, did these kids get what they deserved?

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