In The Midst Of Liberal Outrage, Reba McEntire’s Call To Prayer Resonates More Than Ever Before

As Trump continues to “drain the swamp”, Reba McEntire’s powerful words resonate now more than ever before.

Division is clearly evident across our nation today. It’s a constant, heartbreaking reminder that we live in a broken and wounded world.

It could be so easy for us to feel hopeless, but thankfully Reba McEntire just reminded us that there is a power bigger than our wounds.


Her bold words of wisdom and prayer can easily be applied to the recent hatred that is both seen and felt across our land. Reba is pleading with Americans to unite together “every day” in prayer. This is incredible!

Reba has never shied away from her faith in Jesus Christ, and often attributes Him for the hope and gifting that she has.

Reba McEntire

The famous country singer used her social media outlet to send her desperate message to millions of fans all over the world, asking them to “pray for peace.” She wrote:

“In 2013, God put 3 words on my heart.” she writes. “Three words that I know I need to pray everyday. The tragedy that happened Friday in Paris reminded me again, never quit. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone tonight, not just those in Paris but those all over the world who are hurting. Join me. #‎PrayForPeace”

Reba referenced her song, “Pray For Peace”, which she just recently released and had been working on for years. Though the famous singer admitted that she doesn’t often write, those three powerful words just came to her.  She shared:

“My front yard is my church. That’s where I talk to God and pray, and I walk and look at the beautiful things He’s created. And so ‘Pray for Peace’ came to my mind. So I started praying for peace. A lot of things were going on at the time around the world that were really disturbing.”


Though the song was written long before the current state of our country, we can’t think of a more fitting song as we pray our beloved nation and the rest of our perilous world.

Listen to the beautiful song and Reba’s call to prayer:

I couldn’t hold back the tears as I listened to this beautiful call to prayer. Please join us in prayer for our country, today.

If you’re inspired to pray for peace, please share this with others to spread the hope. May God Bless America. May God Bless President Donald J. Trump! Please share if you agree!