Hours Before The Inauguration, Melania Trump Posts Heartbreaking News

We live in a strange culture where horrible actions are vilified, unless the horrible things are being done to someone the culture doesn’t like.

For example: the subject of rape. It’s horrible, disgusting, and is an act that should never be tolerated let alone suggested. That is unless you’re a “tolerant” liberal calling for the rape of Donald Trump’s wife Melania.

As protests erupted across the country decrying Trump’s victory, some of his buildings became rallying points for the newly disenfranchised. America has a long tradition of peacefully assembling and protesting. While some may view the protesters as annoying, they’re well within their rights to do so. Until you see this person ruining it for everybody else.


So let’s get this straight. You can tweet about Donald Trump being assassinated, and hold up signs that say “Rape Melania”, but Conservatives are the racist, violent, sexists?!

As soon as this photo got out it was decried on Twitter. And in all actuality it began trending because of everyone that was against it.

In the swirling internet echo chamber people thought it was actually trending because people were suggesting it. But if you search Twitter, IF they are there, they’re being drowned out by such strong opposition.

This is why Twitter didn’t remove the hashtag, because no one was promoting it. Everyone using it was decrying it.

It’s unfortunate that one sick person with a sign made something horrible trend on the internet, but that’s just a reflection of the cultural climate we live in.

If we want to take this argument further you can be upset at ABC, NBC, and CBS for not covering it and decrying it. Is this a crime of omission by mainstream media?