10 Surprising Ways You Can Use Baby Powder, I Can’t Believe I Never Knew This!

If you have a baby at home, you almost certainly have baby powder. However, baby powder is not just something to be used on a baby’s backside. Even if you do not have little ones around, baby powder should be an essential item in every household!

From home remedies to simple tricks you may never have thought of, baby powder can help all over the place. In fact, there are too many uses for this stuff for me to even count. So instead of listing every use, here are 10 reasons to always have baby powder handy.

#1: Getting Rid of Those Pesky Ants

Ants are a quick way to ruin that summer picnic you had planned. But, with the help of a little baby powder, you should have nothing to worry about! Simply sprinkle the baby powder around your blanket, deck, or even inside of your home. The ants cannot and will not pass the barrier.

#2: Freshening Up Your Sneakers

We all have that one pair of shoes that just will not seem to stop smelling. Well, instead of throwing those sneakers in the garage, try using baby powder. The baby powder will soak up the dampness causing the smell in the shoe, leaving them dry and fresh.

#3: Removing Grease Stains

Have a grease stain that you can’t get rid of? Not anymore. The only ingredient you need is, you guessed it, baby powder. Spread the powder until the grease stain is completely covered. After 5-10 minutes, the powder will have dried up the stain and all that is left to do is brush it off.

#4: Putting an End To The Squeaky Floorboard

This one is just as simple as the others. Spread the baby powder around the squeaky area and the listen to the results.

#5: Keeping The Bed Sheets Dry

With the days only getting hotter, the nights are becoming just as hot. So, instead of waking up to a sweat soaked bed, spread baby powder between the sheets to wake up dry and fresh.

#6: Removing Sand

No matter where it comes from, sand just never seems to go away. But where there is a problem, baby powder has the solution. Sprinkle the powder on your sandy hands or feet and easily brush it all away. No more sandy house!

#7: Untangling Jewelry

Has the chain on your necklace formed a knot that refuses to budge? Baby powder can act as a lubricant on jewelry. Spread it on the tangle in the chain and use a pin to easily remove the knot.

#8: Creating Home-Made Dry Shampoo

Take 1/4 cup of baby powder and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Mix the two together and rub the mixture in your hair, letting it dry. Then, brush or comb the “shampoo” out to reveal grease-free hair.

#9: Protecting The Garden

Baby powder can help outside of the house as much as inside. Sprinkle it on the roots and bulbs of your flowers before planting to protect them from pests and prevent rotting.

#10: Freshening Up A Deck of Cards

Whenever the cards become too sticky to shuffle, or even play with, don’t throw them out. Instead, sprinkle baby powder on the cards and spread it throughout the whole deck. All of a sudden the cards will feel brand new.

This list hardly touches the surface of the many uses, but it is safe to say that every house should have a bottle of baby powder. Share this list with your friends and make sure to always have a bottle of baby powder handy.