12 Men Stood On The Edge Of A Cliff And Jumped, Now Watch The One In Blue Closely

Not many people could stomach the level of thrill and shear fear of this crazy pastime. But these guys sure can– but there is good reason why you should never try this at home — or anywhere else– without professional help and guidance.

Hobbies come in all shapes and sizes, but this unique hobby known as “BASE Jumping” tops the most extreme chart in my book.

I had no idea that “BASE Jumping” stood for anything. But “BASE” is actually an acronym that stands for the types of objects participants may leap from: Buildings, Antennas, Span, and the Earth itself.

National Geographic explains, “BASE jumping, without the wingsuit qualifier, is simply the act of parachuting from fixed objects, as opposed to planes. Wingsuit BASE jumping takes the act of BASE jumping to an entirely different level, one in which the stakes are as high, and the margins are as thin, as the rewards are unforgettable. And beautiful. And primal. And extremely addictive.”

They have our attention now with this video ringing in a whopping 32 million views just on Facebook. Viewers are panicking at the sight of what looks like a jumper that has crashed. This is beyond “thrill-seeking” and gave me a heart attack just watching. But are these guys talented, or flat-out insane?

Watch these 13 people stare death in the face as they leap off a mountain top: 

Did you catch it? At 1:00 into the video you can catch a glimpse of what looks like a person laying on the ground wrapped in a blue parachute as the last jumper flies over, but is that the case?

At the beginning of the video when the first few jumpers descend the mountain top you can hear the man behind the camera ask “He’s okay?” and everything seems to carry on as planned.

Come to find out, upon further research this video reveals the truth about the blue figure laying on the ground.

Watch this video that uncovers the truth behind minute 1:00 in the video below: 

Thank the Lord Hallelujah! I can sleep tonight knowing that the blue blob on the ground was a woman wanting a taste of the thrill laying on a blue tarp! I’m starting to think she’s just as crazy as the guys jumping off the mountain.

I may not understand the need for such thrill, but it is intriguing to say the least. And then again, I don’t really fit the demographic which is 18 to 35-year-old single-males. That makes sense — just watching is plenty of an adrenaline rush for me!

A base jumper explained, “We’re talking about real, human-powered flight—or, at least as close as humanity has ever come to it. It’s the stuff of ancient myths and archetypal dreams. It’s also the focus of the many viral YouTube videos, which feature costume-wearing superhumans carving through the air, through trees, over rivers and glaciers and picturesque farmlands.”

Was that crazy or what? Share if this video gave you an adrenaline rush just watching!