15 Surprising Ways You Can Use Hydrogen Peroxide, I Can’t Believe I Never Knew This!

I’ve always thought that hydrogen peroxide was just used on minor cuts and scrapes, but after this article, I’ll never look at it the same way ever again. This stuff is incredible!

Chemically represented as H2O2 – hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common household disinfectants in the world.

It’s so common, in fact, you probably have at least one neglected bottle of it under your sink right now!

But the sad truth is that hydrogen peroxide has many unknown and unappreciated uses that could be saving you precious time and money. So bust out that little brown bottle and put it to good use!

Here are 15 ways hydrogen peroxide will change your life: 


1. Clear up acne by using hydrogen peroxide as a face rinse to kill the bacteria that cause acne and help tone your complexion.


2. Whiten clothes without bleach. Adding one cup of hydrogen peroxide to your washing machine is a great way to naturally boost whites, remove stains and clean your machine at the same time. It’s simply a win + win!


3. Give your dishes and dishwasher a boost by adding two ounces of hydrogen peroxide to your dishwasher detergent. Hydrogen peroxide provides super-sanitizing results.


4. Remove harmful chemicals and bacteria from your veggies. Instead of rinsing vegetables in running water (which isn’t effective, by the way) trade it for a hydrogen peroxide soak. Make your own soak by adding just 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide to a sink full of cold water.


5. Soften ugly corns and calluses by mixing equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and warm water to make a foot soak that will naturally soften them and make your feet feel brand-new!


6. Treat painful toenail infections by soaking the infected foot for 20 minutes daily in half a gallon of warm water mixed with half a cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide.


7. DIY Miracle Cleaner that works on everything from upholstery to floor grout. Simply add two parts of hydrogen peroxide to one part of your current liquid soap and apply to the area needing cleaning.


8. Relieve painful ear infections by putting 6 – 8 drop of hydrogen peroxide in each ear to alleviate symptoms and help clear up the infection.

shower curtain

9. Restore your old shower curtain by soaking any mildewed or yellow areas in equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water.


10. Successfully eliminate skunk-strength odors by mixing together the following ingredients, then simply apply, scrub and rinse:

– 2 squirts of liquid dish soap
– 2 tablespoons of baking soda
– 15 ounces of hydrogen peroxide


11. Sanitize children’s toys by spraying them with hydrogen peroxide and properly drying them.

Woman Cleaning Mirror

12. Get streak-free mirrors by simply wiping mirrors with an equal mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide


13. Give plants a boost by adding a simple hydrogen peroxide solution to soil to help deliver oxygen to roots. The solution is as follows: 32 parts of water to one part hydrogen peroxide.


14. Whiten grout in just three (inexpensive) steps. Mix hydrogen peroxide with white flour to create a thick paste. Apply to grout and cover with plastic wrap overnight. The next day, simply rinse with water for whiter grout and it’s really that simple!


15. Remove tub scum by spraying hydrogen peroxide on soap scum, dirt, and stains in the bathtub. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes then rinse to loosen grime and make cleaning easier.

Did you ever think hydrogen peroxide could be so useful? Share if you learned something new about this magical solution!