2 Months After Defending Christians, Tim Allen Is Hit With Devastating News

Despite six successful seasons, ABC has announced that they are cancelling Tim Allen’s successful conservative sitcom ‘Last Man Standing.’

Despite the show’s sky-high reviews, the Disney-owned network has dropped the Christian-leaning comedy starring Tim Allen.

The show’s production studio has yet to release a statement providing a specific reason for the cancellation, which leads many to believe that the producers have simply caved to liberal pressure.

Allen played the lead role of “Mike Baxter”, a conservative-minded patriarch and devout Christian who upheld traditional American values and ran a sporting goods store.

With solid ratings, the show’s cancellation comes as a surprising shock to fans.

As Daily Wire reported, “Last Man Standing averaged 6.4 million viewers in its final season and a 1.2 rating amongst adults 18-49, strong numbers for a Friday night comedy.”

The decision to cancel the all-American show leads many to believe that Tim Allen’s role as a “quintessential man’s man” with old-fashioned values pushed too many buttons in today’s liberal media.

On Thursday, fans took to Twitter to show their disapproval of ABC’s decision to cancel the show.

The controversial sitcom frequently took an unashamed stand for Christian values and kept viewers laughing. But Tim Allen got a lot of flack for talking about Jesus– yet even still, he refused to back down.

In one episode, Allen went as far as sharing the Gospel– a decision that later caused a liberal boycott.

In addition to the show’s bold conservative values, many are speculating that Allen’s outspoken support of President Trump put a target on his back.

Allen shared, “I think it’s funny because Donald Trump is kind of in the spirit of old Greek tyrants where they used to vote in a guy that had no encumbrances,” he said. “So the smartest thing about him, which is probably most overlooked, to me, is that he doesn’t owe anybody anything and if he would just stick to fixing the bridges, roads and infrastructures that’s what he knows how to do…just keep him doing that.”

But despite the persecution, Tim Allen continued to share his powerful testimony and has refused to shy away from speaking truth in love.

ABC may be able to kill his show, but Hollywood’s attempt to silence Tim Allen will not work. Even in the midst of persecution, Allen remains determined as ever to share the good news of the Gospel with our dying world.

“I just want a relationship with Whoever built me. This is too much; too weird that it happened by accident. I don’t believe that I happened by accident. I always do ask — Whoever put me here; The Builder — what did You want me to do? And I do ask it. But you got to be prepared for the answer…  ” – Tim Allen 

We’re praying that a God-fearing network picks up Last Man Standing and continues Allen’s mission of providing America with family-friendly and God-honoring television. Shame on ABC for caving into liberal pressure.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven… In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Matthew 5:10, John 16:33 

Thank you, Tim Allen, for taking a stand for Christians everywhere! We’re praying for Tim Allen– America needs more men of Faith like him! Please share if you agree!