WikiLeaks Breaks Massive Story On Hillary As CNN Tries To Cover Up The Corruption

If you’ve ever read the book, “1984”, then you know the chilling dystopian future it describes. For decades, we were able to say to ourselves, “At least it’s just a work of fiction.” And then as if possessed to ruin what remains of their journalistic integrity, CNN decides to kick it into overdrive.

Chris Cuomo, just pulled a fast one over at CNN by attempting to make you and I believe that looking at Wikileaks emails or possessing them was actually illegal. He and his journalist counterparts get a pass, because they just do. He doesn’t really get into the “WHY,” because he’s more concerned with giving you a hearty, “Shut up Slave!”

“Everything you learn about this, you learn through us,” says the spokesman from the Ministry of Truth in the Orwell novel. It harkens back to the Party slogan of “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”

It’s obvious that CNN is working for the Clintons.

Last week the story was leaked that CNN ordered a blackout about Danny Williams, the young man who claims that Bill Clinton is his father.



Here are just a few of the other illegal things we’ve discovered:

Podesta, wished that the San Bernadino shooting was a white male instead of Muslim.



Hillary’s outright stealing of Haitian relief money.


The assassination of Antonin Scalia.


Who will end the political treachery of Hillary and put her in prison?