4 Navy Sailors Strike A Pose, When A 5th One Steps On Stage The Whole Room Was In Shock

My day just got so much better after watching this video!

Allow me to introduce you to the Sea Chanters: the Navy’s official chorus group.

The Sea Chanters were created in 1956 as a way to keep morale and spirits high in challenging times.

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The video we found features the Sea Chanters being introduced as “The Jersey Boys” at a 2014 U.S. Memorial performance. Their covers of hits by The Four Seasons like “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like a Man” made me respect our Navy sailors even more!


As soon as the music starts and they begin singing, you’ll notice how incredible talented the Sea Chanters are. They’re such great performers that I forgot I wasn’t watching professional singers!

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Watch the amazing performance right now!

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