5 Old Men Step On Stage For A Groovy Dance, Now Watch What The Middle One Does

When these five dads stepped on stage to dance, I was expecting something cringeworthy. But it only took a few seconds to realize they weren’t going to embarrass their kids with the infamous “Dad Dance” moves…

I am personally a HUGE fan of dancing, so when I saw this audition I was blown away.

These five men may have six kids between them and two grandchildren, but that didn’t stop them from delivering an age-defying performance when they auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

Meet “Old Men Grooving”: a group of five men who range from 40-60 years old whose jaw-dropping and deliberately clumsy street dancing has redefined the typically awkward and unfashionable phenomenon of ‘dad dancing.’


It would be easy to label Old Men Grooving as a group of goofy middle-aged men seeking to reinvent the embarrassing image of dad dancing – even their own families thought they were crazy when they first started – but the foundation of their funny expressions and exaggerated dance moves is an inspiring message.

The one thing Old Men Grooving hopes that people take away from their performances, is to simply enjoy life.

“When you get to a certain age, you shouldn’t just be put in a corner and left to rot,” said the group’s 40-year-old choreographer David Welch. “You should be enjoying life and if you want to get up and feel the groove, then you should do that.”


Sixty-year-old Phil Stanley, the oldest member of the group, credits Old Men Grooving for restoring his life not just physically, but mentally too. The group has brought the saying “age ain’t nothin’ but a number” to life in a way we’ve never seen before!

“Being quite old, I’m repeatedly told, ‘Oh sit down, you’re 20 years way past it!’,” Stanley said. “I thought that at my age of 60, I should give up. But after meeting these guys, and getting all the exercise they give me, I feel so much better for it. It really helps you feel young again.”


They received 4 ‘yeses’ after their audition and a standing ovation from the entire room — including the seal of approval from the notoriously cutthroat judge Simon Cowell.

“There are a lot of dancers I get bored by, but I could watch you all night – age is nothing but a number,” Simon told the group.

Watch Old Men Grooving’s epic performance:

Aren’t they just incredible?! I hope this video made your day.

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