What The Internet Did For This 89-Year-Old ‘Popsicle Man’ Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

The internet can be a terrifying place full of nasty comments and negative stories, but every once in a while people on the web are able to make a huge impact. This happens to be one such case.

While the retirement age may be 66 years old, many people aren’t able to enjoy those years due to circumstances out of their control. For 89-year old Fidencio Sanchez, sadly retirement was never seen as a possibility.

For as long as residents of Chicago’s Little Village can remember, Sanchez has been pushing his freezer up and down the neighborhood, selling popsicles and putting smiles on people’s faces.


While his body may be having a tough time keeping up with the work, Sanchez is said to always have a smile on his face. Although, even he will admit that it’s getting harder and harder to go to work every day.

“I feel my body is starting to give up on me. At some point, it’s not going to have the capacity that it used to. But I don’t want to stop working.”

A customer was so moved at Sanchez’s work ethic that he purchased 20 popsicles from the elderly man and then started a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising $3,000. Within three days, over a quarter-million dollars was raised for Fidencio.

Watch the amazing story behind the customer raising over $250k for the elderly ‘Popsicle Man’

The customer, Joe Cervantes Macias, said that “It broke my heart seeing this man who should be enjoying retirement still working at this age.” So, Joe decided to help out “this man” to the tune of raising $250,000. Macias says a lot of the credit can go to the image he used of Sanchez working:


“I think the picture pulled at a lot of heartstrings … and that is one of the reasons a lot of people are donating. It shows that people appreciate hard work.”

So what do you think the man with new-found riches did next? Retire? According to the man himself, he isn’t quite ready to quit working, as it’s all he’s done his entire life. Orphaned at 6-months old, Sanchez had to grow up fast and so he’s been working every single day since he was 13. It makes sense that retirement might take some getting used to. In fact, his boss didn’t want to tell Fidencio his freezer wouldn’t be full “because I know he would feel sad.”


Fidencio never asked for help, but someone decided he would attempt to help out someone who seemed to need it. What was originally supposed to be a gracious gift has turned out to be life-changing for Fidencio and his wife. This is what love looks like, my friends. God bless you all!