93-Year-Old Man Went To McDonalds Every Day, But On His Birthday Something Amazing Happened

Ninety-three-year-old widower Harry Scott visits a local McDonalds every other day to enjoy a simple meal of coffee and a happy meal.

This has been part of his lonely routine ever since his wife’s death in 2010.

He normally goes in the early hours of the afternoon and it brightens his mood.

“The kids who come in here are mine as I don’t have any of my own.”


The McDonalds staff decided to celebrate Harry’s birthday with him, so they threw him a surprise birthday party!

He was extremely overwhelmed with emotion and tears filled his eyes. He received a bottle of his favorite whiskey, shortbread, and was told he would be given his happy meals for free.

But the real gift for Mr. Harry Scott must have been the community of people that gathered around just to love on him.


McDonalds employee Jack Holliday was excited to just be a part of Harry’s life.

“He’s a one-off. We get regular customers but he’s one that stands out. He’s bubbly and full of life, especially for a 93-year-old.”

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