A Duck Wouldn’t Stop Following This Dog, When His Owners Pick Him Up? PRICELESS!

A dog and a duck are giving Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon a run for their money as the most famous “odd couple” after their heartwarming story went viral.

When Sirence the dog and Thing Two the duck arrived together at the Garland Animal Shelter in Texas, it was immediately clear the two had a special bond. They’ve been friends long before arriving at the facility.

The shelter was hoping someone would adopt them together in order to keep their bond going but doubted it would happen. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever to see Thing Two follow his brother Sirence around! It broke my heart to imagine them getting separated.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 4.41.49 PM

Thankfully, the shelter’s wish came true when someone adopted them together. The unlikely friendship between Sirence and Thing Two won’t be broken! Shelter volunteers are sad to see the odd couple go, but happy to see them leaving together.

“We like it when we see any animal get adopted out, but when you have a case like this, they’re bonded, we’ll call ’em brothers you know, they’re going home together so that’s our ultimate goal and I think they’ll be happy as well,” a Garland shelter worker said.

Watch the sweet story right now!

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