A Russian Spy Ship Was Headed For Syria, Then Something Mysterious Happened

Here’s an anti Russia story everyone can get behind.

Everyone is tired of the back and forth finger pointing about Russian influence in our country, so let’s redirect to Russia’s own blunders. Blunders which now lay at the bottom of the Black Sea.

Somewhere in the murky fog of the Black Sea waters, a Russian spying vessel collided with a Turkish ship carrying cattle, and after several hours of trying to save the ship, Russian officials have announced that it sank.

All 78 crewmen were evacuated. Russia typically will use the Bosphorous Strait to transport ships to the Syrian coast. Russian officials haven’t disclosed if this was indeed the destination.

Although this doesn’t directly tie to the United States it’s a great cover. Turkey is a long standing ally of the United States, and has a positive relation with the CIA. Could we have placed our own assets on a Turkish ship to sink a Russian vessel?

If so, this asymmetrical warfare at its finest.