A Woman Searching For A Wedding Spot Found This Magnificent Cathedral, The Reason It Was Built Will Stun You

There are so many unique architectural structures that are stunning works of art all around the world. One building in particular has beckoned the attention of millions!

Art is usually found inside buildings and homes, but this building in New Zealand is a piece of art itself. Interesting materials on the exterior of the structure make it stand out among others while blending in with its surroundings.

New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscape and scenic views. And this designer wanted to create something that complimented his homeland.

The designer, Barry Cox has few passions. Cox has found a way to meld every thing he loves in one thing.

Since Cox was a little boy, he grew up Catholic and wanted to be the Pope when he grew up. He also found a love for gardening. The imaginative designer had a brilliant idea that brought those things together.

Since he dreamt of being the Pope, he loved to visit churches all over the world when he traveled. As Cox observed all of the stunning architecture he gathered ideas of his own.

Cox decided to construct his own church and how he did it brought the building to life, literally.

The structure is made out of Laciniata and Leptospernum trees. The entire property is overflowing with vibrant, lush landscaping.

It took Cox 4 years to complete the strikingly beautiful property from start to finish. And it was well worth the wait. Now everyone is able to enjoy the masterpiece. This church is the dreamiest place to tie the knot.

All of this made from the ground up. This building started as a seed and grew into the most magnificent vision you’ve ever seen.

It’s incredible what this man made from what God provided on this earth. Please share this amazing living masterpiece.