After Weeks Of Weeks Of Rumors, George W. Bush Releases Devastating News About The Trump Administration

After eight years of being out of the spotlight, establishment republicans are ready to bring their “yes man” George W. Bush back into the public eye, all in an effort to take down president Trump.

The former president, and his wife Laura were interviewed by People Magazine, and were concerned over the amount of “racism” and “name-calling” that all of a sudden has magically appeared from thin air.

While the Bush’s daughter, Barbara, spent time raising funds for Planned Parenthood, “Dub-Ya” was making his rounds on the Trump-bashing bandwagon. He took time to blame the president for the nation’s political climate, and criticized Trump’s comments on the “fake media”.

The former president joins a long list of Trump’s critics, but he says that he’s “more optimistic than some” in regards to what may happen to the country. He claims that he will remain out of the political arena, but for some reason he decided to make appearances the week Trump speaks to Congress. How’s that for perfect timing?

Earlier in the week, while on the “Today” show, Bush said that “the media is indispensable to democracy,” but adding that “it’s kind of hard to tell others to have an independent free press when we’re not willing to have one ourselves.”

Naturally, the “news” networks ran with the “indispensable” headline, instead of the line saying we don’t have a free-press. Most “news” outlets exist to make a buck, and will only feed you what you want to hear. That’s why CNN, MSNBC, and the like don’t report on anything positive Trump does. They know they will lose readers if they hear ANYTHING GOOD about our president. They want to be angry at the world, and they find sources that allow it.

The media, the left, and now even former republican presidents are coming after Trump in full force, but we have to ask ourselves “why?” Why are the elite threatened by Donald Trump’s desire to put America first? Are they just mad they aren’t in control any more?