People Teased This Boy For Honoring Fallen Heroes, Seconds Later? I’m In Tears!

When I saw how this 11-year-old boy paid tribute to fallen soldiers, my faith in the future of America was restored. This really warmed my heart.

While watching this video, we’re vividly reminded of the grief and tremendous respect surrounding our war heroes who served and protected our daily freedoms throughout our nation’s history — especially the fallen heroes of the Normandy invasion.

It was the official 70th anniversary celebration of the D-Day invasion when this video was filmed. The 11-year-old boy in this video decided to visit Normandy, France, in his WWII-style uniform to pay tribute to fallen soldiers. After learning everything this young man went through to honor them, you’ll be inspired by his patriotism even more.

During part of his tribute, titled “Project Vigil,” the boy spent four days teaching tourists about three paratroopers who were buried in the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. When police wouldn’t allow the boy to enter the cemetery in his uniform, the boy responded in the most admirable way.

The young boy decided to march the American flag down to Omaha Beach and stick it in the sand, holding it with his left hand while saluting the fallen soldiers with his right — all while heavy winds and waves were coming ashore.

Even though his knees and arms were growing weak, the 11-year-old stood steady for over an hour while the winds whipped at the large American flag beside him. I was incredibly shocked to see him break the salute only once to wipe his eyes — and that’s only because he was overwhelmed by the selflessness of the fallen soldiers.

As people passed, many of them watched him in awe. Some stopped to have their photos taken with him and some came to stand by the boy and salute him.

When people teased him and tried to break his focus, the 11-year-old remained strong and continued saluting the fallen soldiers.

“Then came the moment when he raised his right hand, a signal to me that he was ready to say goodbye,” the video commentary reads. “I took the flag and he collapsed in my arms. As I held him, I was struck by a deep sadness for all the mothers and fathers who never had the chance to comfort their sons in June 1944.”

Watch the incredibly touching memorial:

Every American could learn some priceless life lessons from this video. It’s easy to take our daily freedoms for granted, but to see this young man understand and appreciate the sacrifices of fallen soldiers encourages Americans to do the same daily.

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