Amidst Chaos, The Dallas Police Department Proves Why America Is Awesome

Confusion. Tension. Fear. Those are the general feelings swirling around Dallas today in the aftermath of what transpired last night, but there’s also a sense of pride.

The pride stems from the fact that while police officers were under attack, they didn’t forget their duties of protecting the citizens.

In a moment where police officers could have taken an “Us vs. Them” mentality, cooler heads prevailed, and the City of Dallas could not have been more proud of the way their officers responded.

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The entire evening had been peaceful. Protestors made their way around town, and the Dallas Police Department insured that the large group of people were protected. Then, as the protest was coming to an end, rounds of gunshots went off and police officers began to hit the ground.

Throughout the day, and possibly the weekend, you are going to hear a lot about the motives of the shooters, who they were, and what is going to happen to them. Rather than focus on that, we need to take the time to recognize what makes America so amazing.

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Last night, throughout the country, peaceful protests were staged. Protestors in Dallas began marching around 7 p.m., and during this time several police officers had volunteered to keep the peace.

As protestors spoke out against the actions of police officers in other parts of the country, standing right along with the protestors in Dallas were the men and women of the Dallas Police Department, willing to give their lives to uphold the right of free assembly.

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Then, around 9 p.m., bullets began to rain down on the officers. The police were unable to locate the shooter, but were able to clear the streets, and get civilians to safety. The first instinct of the police was to protect those who were speaking against them. As a citizen of Dallas, I have never been more proud of our police officers. In the middle of chaos, those who’ve sworn to protect did just that, and put their own lives at risk.

Once civilians were safe, the police began to chase after the shooters. Even with the threat of more gunfire, and potential bombs going off, Dallas’ finest were not going to rest until they found their suspects.

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Last night, the targets were men and women wearing badges. These same men and women who were protecting the First Amendment Right to Assembly were the ones being attacked. Their response? Get the men, women, and children out of the streets, and into safety. That story needs to be told.

We are allowed to feel pain for officers and those who’ve lost their lives from police misconduct, and brutality. You don’t have to pick a side. The last thing we need is to be even further divided.

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Instead of trying to find someone to blame, let’s focus on the fact that amidst all the chaos, the men and women of Dallas acted heroically. Last night police officers gave their lives so that we could assemble in public and scream our frustrations. There may be nothing more patriotic than that. God Bless America, and Pray for Dallas.