Angry Truck Driver Issues Sobering Warning To Irresponsible Teens Who Text While Driving

It was just a normal day for this truck driver, until one irresponsible teenager changed his life forever. EVERY driver needs to hear this man’s sobering message.

James Urbanski was taking his usual route to work until one irresponsible driver almost took his life. What he witnessed before his very eyes was so impacting, he decided to share the sobering situation on Facebook:

He shared, “I’m normally not a guy that likes to make a video of himself, but this is important..”


Horrified at the wreck he witnessed before his very eyes, Urbanski continued, “All you people I see going down the interstate on your phone; barely looking up; almost hitting the back of people; sitting at stoplights not knowing when the light turns green — LISTEN UP…” 

Every driver needs to hear what this man has to say, please watch his sobering message in the video below:

If that didn’t convince you to put your phone away while driving, I don’t know what will.

Please, PLEASE, put your phone down while driving. Texting / Facebooking / Snapchatting while driving not only endangers your life — but the lives of others as well! Please share this with every driver you know!