They Asked The Doctor One Simple Question, Seconds Later He Couldn’t Stop Crying On Live TV

The heartthrob, Doctor Travis of The Doctors sees video for the first time about his best friend and loses it. Travis can’t help but break down and cry when the other hosts ask about their relationship.

Travis’ best friend is his sweet pup, Nala. There’s a reason dogs are considered “man’s best friend”. Dogs quickly become part of the family. They are protectors, loyal, joyful, pleasing, playful, and comforters.

The doctor’s dog, Nala, was no exception. She brought him so much joy and happiness and now that her life is coming to an end, he’s already grieving the sweet memories they’ve shared.

There are few things that can bring a grown man to tears, especially on television. But leave it to his pup to break down this famous doctor’s emotional wall.

Most everyone can relate to this. Even stories about other people’s dogs can bring you to tears. We all understand the love and attachment to pets.

Nala served Travis well and they did everything together. The doctor took her skiing with him, on bike rides, and even out to eat. They truly were best friends.

Although their time together was filled with beautiful memories, there isn’t anything that can soothe the pain of losing a beloved pet.

We’ve all lost a pet and know what lies ahead, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

The two of them have walked through life together for 17 years! Nala was there for the doctor throughout medical school and residency. She has seen it all and been there for him through the ups and downs.

Watch this touching video about the precious memories they shared. You may want to brace yourself, it’s a tough one to watch. A real tear-jerker.

Her life will forever be cherished by Travis and no dog could ever replace her. Nala lived a long, happy life and will forever have a special bond with Travis, even after she’s gone.

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