They Asked Tim Tebow If He Was Playing The Right Sport, His Response Stunned The Reporter

Tim Tebow had some powerful words for ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith when asked about his recent career change from football to baseball.

The usually talkative Smith was left speechless when Tebow told him the reason he was pursuing his dream to play Major League Baseball.

Smith started a line of questioning with Tebow to inquire as to the change.

“Your chances of success seems to be greater in the sport of football than baseball” Smith said during the interview. “So, what’s wrong with somebody looking at you and saying ‘that’s what you should be doing’?”


“It’s fine if they look at me like that’s what I should be doing,” Tebow began. “But they’re not me, and when are dreams based on chances?”

Tebow, who has been playing in the Arizona Fall League with the New York Mets has been criticized for wanting to play baseball with many in the media calling it a publicity stunt. The former Heisman Trophy winner could not have been more clear about why he is going after this “dream”. What he says is undeniably inspirational, regardless of your views on the polarizing sports figure.

“Dreams are based on something that’s in your heart, that are passions, that are something that you want to go try, not on chances,” said Tebow. “I’m so grateful that I get to go pursue something, even if it’s a long shot, versus something that, yeah, I might be able to go do pretty well, but if it’s not in my heart, why am I going to go do that?”


Tim didn’t stop there, and continued to drive home his message of chasing passions and not just going through the motions of life.

“I think that’s something unfortunate in society,” he continued. “A lot of people just go do what they feel like they should do, and live with the status quo, and go live by all these rules.”


Too often in life people make decisions based off their fear of failure, but Tim is adamant that “the ultimate goal isn’t to succeed or fail. The ultimate goal is to give it everything you have.” Tim Tebow is definitely walking his talk, and is hoping that by pursuing his personal dreams, others would be inspired to chase theirs as well.

“If you get to live out your dream every day, then the result doesn’t matter. I can look back 20, 30 years from now and be able to look at this time and say ‘you know what? I gave everything I had to football, I gave everything I had to baseball, and I was able to live out some dreams!”

Tim Tebow Opens Up About Chasing Baseball Dream

Regardless of whether or not Tebow makes it to the Big Leagues, it’s nothing short of inspirational to see someone giving all they can to fulfilling their dreams.

Good luck, Tim Tebow! Thank you for inspiring others to pursue their passions!