Ben Carson Just Made A HUGE Announcement, Hillary Is FINISHED

When Ben Carson started his campaign last spring pundits, news broadcasters, and other political insiders said he would not be able to fund a campaign due to financial reasons.

Turns out, they were wrong.

He actually brought a very unique approach to campaign fundraising. Instead of taking money from corporations, high profile business associates, or rich friends, he’s left it completely up to the people to support him.

This is absolutely unprecedented. Donors both large and small have rallied behind Carson who are especially impressed with his authenticity and Christian faith.

Thus far, he’s raised $20 million dollars in the third quarter of the year, and to date the campaign has raised over $31 million.


Carson was able to raise $12 million in September alone and a big part of that came soon after making a comment about not supporting a muslim president.

In an interview with the Associated Press Carson said:

“You know, the pundits all said that we would never be able to mount a national campaign for financial reasons, but here we are approaching 600,000 donations. The people have gotten involved, and that’s something I think they probably never anticipated.”

The people have spoken. It’s amazing how much the people want to support Carson to the point of fueling his campaign beyond most of his opponents.

Currently Ben Carson is only one point behind Donald Trump in recent national polls. He seems to be the right fit for the job.