Ben Carson Says He Was Audited After Opposing Obamacare

Dr. Ben Carson may be the only true Conservative running for the presidency right now, and that’s exactly why he’s been shut out.

And to prove how big of a threat the establishment actually sees him as, he recently claimed that he had been targeted for an IRS audit since he spoke out against Obamacare.

Here he lays out how this political weapon was used against him when he famously spoke out against Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast:

“…All of a sudden they came in. They said, ‘We just want to look at your real estate dealings.’ And then they didn’t find anything, so they said ‘Let’s look at the whole year,’ but they didn’t find anything. So they said, ‘Let’s look at the next year and the next year,’ and they didn’t find anything, and they won’t find anything; because I am a very honest person. But the fact of the matter is that the IRS is not honest and we need to get rid of them.”


Auditing is no fun, but it should also be considered a badge of honor to have stirred up enough mess to be persecuted in this manner by the government.