Bernie Sanders Didn’t Think There Was Anything Wrong With Buying A Third Home

The large appeal of Bernie Sanders is that, for liberals, he’s the real deal. He thinks the rich are bad. He has his socialistic ideals, and he practices what he preaches.

He stood up for the poor, and opposed the rich. Up until this point it seems like 99.9% of what he said were values he actually upheld. In 2016, if there’s dirt to be found on someone – without doubt it gets found. Yet no one could bring forward any story or scandal against Sanders, and for that reason he ought to be commended. He appears on all fronts to be a man of integrity and a true believer in the values he represents.

But when news broke that he had just purchased a third home as a vacation home, his following that he had acquired over time began to have a bit of a mental breakdown: How can the man who claims to represent the poor and go against excessive material riches be so gaudy as to own three homes?!

Screenshot 2016-08-11 14.21.34

The property was purchased for about $600k. It’s a four-bedroom house and a lakefront property at that! Apparently, this is a big ‘No-No’ for the leader of American socialism, and immediately people are saying that he purchased the house with his infamous $27 [on an average] campaign donations.

It’s interesting how quickly people will turn on you. Who cares if he has three houses, or even five? I think Sanders should get a fourth house just to upset everyone else.

The Sanders’ themselves are actually very open about their new purchase. Mrs. Sanders personally spoke to the press about it:

“We’ve traveled up to the islands many times over the years — almost always on day trips. We’ve been impressed with the North Hero community, eaten at the North Hero House and Shore Acres and have suggested them to friends who were looking for a beautiful place to stay or have dinner. St. Anne’s Shrine in Isle La Motte is my favorite church and it is nearby.”

Needless to say his supporters weren’t happy that he is now the owner of “an excessive” three houses!

Screenshot 2016-08-11 12.40.26

Screenshot 2016-08-11 14.21.34

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Screenshot 2016-08-11 14.50.23

Maybe Bernie is going to use the house as an Airbnb?