Blake Lively Just Gave A Heartbreaking Speech About Child Pornography, EVERYONE Needs To Hear This

Blake Lively is known for her talents on the big-screen, but it’s what she’s doing off-camera that should be garnering praise.

This year at Variety‘s Power of Women awards, Lively delivered a speech on a subject that is hard for any parent to talk about: child pornography. A topic that remains largely taboo in social settings, Lively believes this issue needs to be addressed.

With two children of her own, now more than ever the actress sees the importance of preventing kids from being exploited. “I didn’t really know what child pornography was,” Lively said. “I was afraid to ask what it was, as a mother, because it would be painful to hear. But I felt I had to ask, and I wanted to share with you.”

The movie star goes on to discuss just how prevalent this issue is, saying that the perpetrators of such acts are usually people who work close with kids.

“There was a nurse that was working with children with mental and physical disabilities,” a choked up Lively went on to explain. “And when he was caught, they asked him how many children he abused. He looked outside the window at the snow and said, ‘How many snowflakes are outside?'”

Lively goes on to explain that law enforcement is working alongside groups like the Child Rescue Coalition to stop child predators, but there are still so many who aren’t even aware of this problem. While the statistics may be troubling, Lively stressed the importance of the issue upon all those in attendance.

Watch her incredibly moving speech, and SHARE this message, as we all need to do our part to end child abuse, in every form!

Thank the Lord for celebrities like Blake Lively, who are willing to speak up for the voiceless. As she says in her speech, this isn’t just an oversea’s issue. This is something happening here in our very own country. We must act, and keep our children safe from those who wish to do them harm!