Border Agent Leaks Proof That Terrorists Are Coming From Mexico

It’s something that’s been speculated and feared, and rumors of it have trickled through the grapevine here and there. But now there’s real proof – that terrorists are entering the United States through Mexico with the help of the cartels.

Their purpose is simple. They’re enlisting the cartels as guides to show them around the border states, so they can plan attacks. This information has been leaked by a high-ranking Department of Homeland Security official, because they fear the Obama administration will do nothing.

This information comes differently as well than previous warnings of ISIS training camps in south Texas, because now we actually have the name of one of the individual terrorists that’s been sneaking across the border. His name is Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, and he has lived in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, for over a year. He’s known for having trained hundreds of Al-Qaeda militants in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen.


If you start to ask yourself, “Does the U.S. not know about this guy? Surely they’d take him out?”

Of course our government knows he’s there, and that he’s training ISIS terrorists. Is the Mexican government so corrupt with the cartels that they won’t even touch them? It’s easy to say that this is just negligence – that the U.S. has so many other irons in the fire consisting of many different things – that the southern border is on the back burner. The reason why this camp is allowed to exist is a mystery even to Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Secretary, Claudia Ruiz. She says that Obama AND the U.S. media are,

“..culpably neglecting this phenomenon.”

We’ve been so indoctrinated to believe that our leaders would never purposefully harm us, that any slip up in security like this one is an accident. Are we supposed to believe that these men and women in government are just accidentally forgetting to look at these situations? Or are they willfully looking the other direction, and actually being complicit in some future attack?

Make no mistake. The Obama administration knows exactly what’s going on, and are encouraging it.


How hard would it be to send a couple of SEAL teams over the border, under the cover of night, and eliminate what needs eliminating? Not hard at all. Especially since this guy admits he’s there, and gives interviews with Italian newspapers. Mahmood boasted that he,

“..could get in [America] with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas, or in Arizona, in the space of a few hours.”

We’re lying to ourselves if we believe that all these things are coincidences. Not everyone in government is evil. There are plenty of “White Hats” that want to turn the tide in this country, but they truly need public support to be able to do so.

Please spread this information. There’s no reason why the enemies of our country should be permitted to sit at the doorstep of our Republic uncontested. If they are truly there, then action needs to be taken immediately.