Brantley Gilbert Donates $10.5 Million To Toys For Tots Foundation

Country rock star, Brantley Gilbert, is known for his seemingly hardcore demeanor and rebel attitude. However, after this, you may see his soft side is much bigger then he lets on.

Having a difficult past, Gilbert understands what it’s like to have a rough holiday season.

The holidays are tough for a lot of families. Some can’t really afford to give lavish gifts to their children or throw big parties like others can.

“Growing up in rural Georgia, I know that sometimes Christmas isn’t a time of joy for some kids and our contribution might be all they receive this year so I really wanted our donation to matter. I’m honored the folks and Bendon understood why I wanted to work with them on Toys for Tots.”

Over the past few years, Marine Toys for Tots has received countless celebrity donation and support, but this is one of the biggest donations they’ve ever received.

Gilbert donated $10.5 million dollars.

“They tell me this is one of the largest donations Toys for Tots has ever received. Ben and his team realize the impact we could make in these kids lives. It’s a privilege to make this contribution together.”

It’s great to see people spreading the Christmas spirit and giving out of their wealth. Hopefully he’ll be an example to many others to show that giving is the best thing to do this season instead of just receiving.