BREAKING: Popular Bridal Store Closing Causes Thousands Of Brides To Lose Dresses & Money

Imagine witnessing your daughter’s eyes fill with tears of joy as she tries on her dream wedding dress, only to have that priceless memory shattered in seconds. That’s the heartbreaking reality many mothers-of-the-bride are facing today, and the reason why is sickening.

A glistening engagement ring, a heart fully loaded with love, and a smile so big it makes the bride’s cheeks hurt. Yes, that’s what wedding dress shopping looks like — and chances are you’re aware how special that moment truly is!

Wedding dress shopping is supposed to be a joyous occasion to cherish forever, but that’s not the case for Alfred Angelo customers.

Wedding planning got a lot more stressful on Thursday for Alfred Angelo customers as word got out on social media of a rumored bankruptcy and the company remained silent.

There’s a possibility they will not get the dresses they’ve already ordered and paid for, but have yet to receive.

Alfred Angelo prides itself on being a company that has helped brides create their “wedding dreams” for more than 80 years at more than 60 stores across the country. But those dreams are quickly turning into nightmares and brides are demanding justice on social media.

From Twitter to online message boards, anxious brides sounded off on the status of their orders and the lack of information coming from Alfred Angelo. Several posted questions and alerts, but few found answers. Brides are demanding that the company explain why they were not notified of reported store closures.

Brides received the devastating news that the company was closing all stores on Thursday morning — and that Alfred Angelo was closing all stores for good by nighttime. In addition to the complications this creates for weddings, many Alfred Angelo employees across the nation are suddenly without jobs.

The even worse part about this is that Alfred Angelo has failed to provide brides with any information or answers. Instead of enjoying their engagement butterflies, brides are miserably waiting in the dark to find out if they’ll still get their dress or a refund at the very least.

“You need to let people know whats going to happen with orders that have been placed but not yet received,” Megan Cohen wrote to the company on Twitter. “Help us out here.”

“Feeling awful for every single Alfred Angelo employee. Losing your job and dealing with hundreds of pissed off brides,” Caitlin Levine wrote on Twitter. “They closed every single one of their stores today with no notice to employees or brides.”

One bride even revealed she found out as she was trying on dresses at the store.

“Was standing in my future wedding dress, tears in my eyes, saying yes, when I was told Alfred Angelo has shut down and I can’t order the dress,” Tina Braz wrote on Twitter.

Alfred Angelo stores across America refused to comment and Patricia Ann Redmond, the Florida-based lawyer to whom the company is directing its customers and media inquiries, refuses to respond despite several attempts to reach her. Customers often can’t even get in contact with local stores, and when they can, the information is still worrisome.

“One store location did answer the phone. Sales rep said ‘we’re all basically screwed’ and gave me [the] attorney’s office to contact,” Christine Danielle wrote on Twitter. “This is all just a guessing game for now. No official word. So messed up. At this point I don’t think they have any intention of refunding our money or fulfilling our orders.”

Kirstynn Stoltz, a bride in Texas, and her bridal party bought their gowns from two San Antonio locations. A store manager called her Wednesday evening saying the company was filing for bankruptcy and that she would need to pay the remaining $170 balance and pick up the bridesmaids’ gowns by the end of the night. The bride said she rushed in from about an hour away to get the dresses.

Unlike countless other brides left in limbo, Stoltz thankfully has the dresses she needs for her upcoming wedding in her possession, but many of them need alterations that were supposed to be completed by Alfred Angelo.

Stoltz revealed she was not issued a refund for the alterations and her gown still needs sleeves, which is especially stressful considering her bridal photos are quickly approaching.

“It’s a huge mess right now, I’m really stressed out,” Stoltz said. “I already have enough to pay for.”

According to the Palm Beach Post, employees at Alfred Angelo’s corporate office in Delray Beach left the building in herds on Thursday with boxes, plants and other personal belongings in hand.

By Thursday afternoon, the company’s corporate offices were completely void of employees. The eerie emptiness only adds to the nightmare every Alfred Angelo customer feels like she’s experiencing now. Some offices still had desks and supplies, with framed posters of wedding dresses hanging on the walls.

The Palm Beach Post reported there were only two people at the headquarters, both of whom denied being employees of the company while sitting inside a boardroom behind the reception area. Both refused to respond to questions or offer their names and forced the reporter to leave the building.

An employee of another business on the first floor described a “mass exodus before lunchtime.”

“Everyone left one-by-one with cardboard boxes, plants,” said the employee, who asked to remain anonymous. “One of them said … that they were all fired today … It was so bizarre.”

With the possibility of having to start the search for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses all over again still hanging over their heads, brides are desperate to know if they’ll get a refund at the very least.

In an exclusive interview, a Dallas bride named Paige, who did not want her full name used, echoed the thoughts of fellow Alfred Angelo customers. She revealed that she is without gowns for herself and her bridesmaids. She has been tirelessly calling and emailing Patricia Ann Redmond, the attorney for Alfred Angelo, without any response.

“Now I am a victim to their bankruptcy,” she said.

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