The Bride’s Dress Was Broken, The Unlikely Hero Who Saved Her Day Left Me In Tears

Your wedding is without doubt one of the biggest moments of your life. Everything is planned for months in advance and yet it culminates, despite the preparation, in one frenzied day. However no matter how much you plan for that day, “life” will always have a way of interjecting itself. How you respond can ruin the day or make it all the more beautiful.

This next story is just one such instance where two people were given an opportunity to connect their very personal and significant story of love to the larger story of what is happening in the world.

When Jo and Earl hit a literal snag in the wedding preparation, they had no idea that a non-English speaking Syrian refugee would be used to transform their wedding day from the beautiful to the sublime.

The following retelling of the story and photos were the awesome work of photographer Lindsay Coulter.

“Yesterday Jo & Earl were married but before their beautiful wedding another incredible situation occurred. Jo’s bridesmaids were helping her in to her gown when the zipper broke. The girls were all surprisingly calm but weren’t having much luck fixing the zipper. The neighbour living next door to the house they had rented for the wedding had his garage door open when I pulled up so I suggested they run over and ask if he had pliers. One of the bridesmaids quickly went over and spoke with their neighbour.”


“She came back with a handful of tools and some interesting information: the next door neighbour was hosting a family of Syrian refugees and the father was a master tailor and would be happy to help if we weren’t successful. After a few minutes of further attempts there was a knock on the door and the neighbour along with the tailor & his son arrived to help, sewing kit in tow. I went out to take some photos of the groomsmen and came back to find the tailor putting the finishing stitches on her dress. The neighbour David told me they had just moved to Canada four days ago. They didn’t speak a word of english, and had been communicating by using Google Translate. The young boy looked at his Dad, the girls around him, at my camera and back to his Dad about a hundred times. He was curious and in seemingly good spirits. I couldn’t help but stand back in awe of the situation.”


Isn’t it amazing how a seemingly disastrous situation could have ruined a beautiful day, but instead an incredible solution presented itself. In a way no one could have foreseen, two nations were brought together in one moment of time and created a memory that will last a lifetime.

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