Bully Makes Fun Of Bald Cancer Patient, Her Mother’s Punishment Is Absolutely Perfect

I’d venture to say that for as long as mankind has been able to communicate, there have been bullies lurking in the world just waiting to putt others down. But there also have always been the bold ones who are willing to put those bullies in their place.

For one mother, seeing her daughter bully another child was enough to warrant punishment. But the question remains, is this taking it too far?

A young girl was making fun of a child with cancer. Naturally, her mother didn’t think that kind of behavior was tolerable so she taught her own daughter a lesson she will surely never forget (and now the internet won’t let her forget, either).


The following video has been viewed by millions and has received mixed responses on social media ranging from people supporting the mother, to those saying she may have taken things a bit too far. However, when it comes to teaching lessons to a bully, you can never be too sure if your message is sticking.

Think about it: you have to be a special kind of mean to make fun of someone going through a horrifying experience like cancer. So maybe this mom was doing the right thing by shaving her daughter’s entire head. Maybe as the young lady runs her hands through her… well, nothing she will think twice about being unkind.

Take a look for yourself, and see what you think. Did the mother go to far with her punishment? Would a time-out have done the trick? You be the judge:

Does making fun of someone mean you should be punished? According to this mother, yes, it’s definitely justified. How else do you expect someone to understand that hurting people isn’t ok? Good for this mom for teaching her daughter to have respect for others, regardless of their circumstance.

Maybe more parents should take this approach when their child is being a bully. I guarantee you that kids will think twice before saying something mean just to get a reaction from people.


Did the mother take it too far, or does the punishment fit the crime? You be the judge! Hopefully that young lady will remember this next time she decides to make fun of someone.