Can You Make A Square By Only Moving One Match? 9 Out Of 10 Adults Can’t Figure It Out

Are you the kind of person that’s always looking for a way to stump your friends? This one simple trick to perform with match sticks, is definitely going to make your friends scratch their heads!

To start you’ll need four match sticks, then arrange them in a cross. Tell your friends they can only move one match in order to make a square!

This will definitely confuse the heck out of them. You’ll see the gears literally turning in their heads, ‘How can I make a square out of some perpendicular sticks by only moving one?!?!?!” Watch them try and fail for a couple of minutes before you show them the ridiculously simple solution.

Look at the four match sticks, and focus on the one in the top position.

Pull it upward, ever so slightly…


See that tiny square there? Wasn’t that mind numbingly simple?

We often overthink a lot of things in life, when in reality there very very simple solutions. Remember that, and go have fun with your friends!

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