Check The Label On Your Pepsi, If It Has THIS Ingredient, Don’t Drink It! The Reason Why Is Terrifying

Americans are slowly starting to realize that what they eat actually affects their health, and they’ve been making the necessary changes.

This is great for American’s and their families, as people are starting to get healthier. Who it’s not great for is the soft drink manufacturers. Pepsico for instance makes a considerable amount of their profits from “guilt free” drinks like diet sodas. The problem with artificially sweetened drinks is that they are constantly linked to major health problems.

Despite knowing that their drinks lead to an increased occurrence of stroke and amnesia in their consumers, the drink manufacturer isn’t deterred in the slightest from producing and selling these drinks to the massess.

Even though the beverage industry at large knows their drinks cause heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the link between cancer and aspartame, because the sweeteners aren’t ‘sugar’, they peddle them as healthy alternatives to help control the weight of their already affected consumer base.

In 2017 when everyone has access to any piece of information they want, it’s almost unfathomable that people would still consume hundreds of gallons of these drinks annually, and even worse that the manufacturers themselves would continue to produce the drinks.