Chip And Jo Just Released Shocking News About “Fixer Upper”

We all have our reasons for watching HGTV’s hit show, Fixer Upper. 

But I think we can all agree that regardless of why, Fixer Upper is the best TV show America has ever known.

It seems like every American loves Fixer Upper and it’s no shock to really see why.

1. Chip and Joanna Gaines are proof that true love still exists.

Be honest, have you ever seen parents-of-four flirt this much — with each other? (I.e: when Chip lovingly pranks Joanna, and she sheepishly responds, ‘Chip Gaines!’  It’s a beautiful sight to behold. And almost too adorable. But not too cheesy if you know what I mean, but rather, just the right amount of cheesiness.

Fun facts: Chip knew Joanna was ‘the one’ from the moment he saw her in a photo. Also, Chip and Joanna have weekly scheduled date nights — where ‘business talk’ is strictly prohibited. 


2. The homebuyers always pick the most unexpected house that no one would ever actually choose.

Am I the only one who never guesses correctly? I’ve learned not to bet a single dime while watching the highly entertaining family program. Without fail, I’m wrong every time. But every time, I’m glad the couple chooses the one that they did. Like, how is that even possible? EVERY SINGLE TIME, I tell you!


Fixer Upper

3. The Gaines’ blooper reel is always better than anticipated — like, how can anyone really be this funny?

Did you ever think full-grown adults could horse around and only be cuter for it? They never annoy me. NEVER. How does this happen?

Speaking from experience: Don’t try to drink any kind of substance (ie: grape juice, water, soda, etc…) while watching Fixer Upper, 9 out of 10 times you will choke while drinking due to laughter. 

4. Joanna summarized in one sentence; a beautiful, creative-idea-making machine.  No seriously, how does one person have so many amazing ideas?

Have you ever looked at one of Jojo’s renovated rooms and realized how many unusual objects have been repurposed? Or how many times do you find yourself saying out loud, “HOW DID SHE THINK OF THAT?” She’s designing a furniture line, being a wife and mother, running Magnolia stores, and completely redesigning and decorating houses all simultaneously. While I’m sitting here with nothing to do and can’t even decide what to paint my whopping 700 square foot apartment. HOW DOES SHE DO IT.

Fun fact: Joanna actually has zero ‘interior design’ background. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t good at it! With a successful tv show, house flipping business, market, and online furniture line — I think it’s safe to say that she’s pretty good at designing. 

Jojo creative

5. We love that their style feels home-ie. Not stuffy or too perfect to actually live in.

We all know those people. With those homes that are so perfect you don’t even want to sit down for fear of un-fluffing their pillows. Joanna’s designs are many things but they certainly aren’t that. Every room feels warm, inviting, and screams ‘START A FAMILY IN  THIS HOUSE ALREADY!’ It’s just so cozy!

Magnolia Homes

6. They’re all about open space and hate walls as much as we do.

There’s just something about watching people destroy an old ugly house that feels invigorating. Maybe it’s because we’re all thinking of a certain room in our own home that we’d love to utterly destroy. Or maybe it’s because we love open space too… either way.

Demo Day

7. The Gaines children are always perfect little angels. #FamilyGoals

Enough said. But have you ever caught their four little munchkins’ names? In case you haven’t, here they are: Drake (6), Ella Rose (5), Duke (3), and Emmie Kay (2).


Oh my heart! They’re just so cute! Little Chips and Jojos EVERYWHERE!


8. Chip and Joanna’s little interview segments give me life.

Whether Chip is reliving his glory days, or Joanna’s explaining why they’re happy the couple chose the home that they did, Chip and Joanna always shine and prove to be eachothers’ biggest supporter.


9. The moment (after commercials of course) when Chip and Joanna finally move that big ole’ ugly house out of the way, and you think the wife (yes, the wife in every episode) is going to pass out due to pure bliss.

Wait for it…


There it is!

Family Reveal

10. No matter how many houses, stores, bed and breakfasts, or money — Chip and Joanna are still down to earth.

Let’s be honest, can you think of anyone more laid-back than these two? Maybe it’s because they’re unashamed followers of Jesus Christ. Maybe it’s because they don’t own a TV. Regardless of the reason, the grace, love and pure joy that these two ooze makes for some pretty refreshing family television.


11. Waco, TX, is basically like my dream town. What I pay per month for my little 2-bedroom apartment could buy me two houses in Waco.

No seriously, have you ever done the math? Not to mention, Waco is basically like the cutest town there ever was. OH AND THE GAINES LIVE THERE. I wonder if they ever need a babysitter… I would pay them to let me hang out with their offspring. Seriously.


12. Chip and Joanna are proof that you can still live the American dream in 2016.

Started from the bottom, now they’re here. No seriously, it’s pretty amazing to look back on the humble beginnings where Chip and Joanna started from. And more beautiful still, is the fact that they give God all the glory.

Gaines family photo

It’s clearly no surprise why Chip and Joanna Gaines have inspired countless of lives across the country. Thank you both, for reminding America what is truly admirable. And thank you, HGTV, for promoting such a wholesome TV show! 

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