CIA Director Admits He’s Clueless About Terrorism

CIA Director, John Brennan, took the recent suicide bombings in Istanbul to dish out a healthy dose of fear propaganda. The sad thing is, his careless choice of words truly reveal how disconnected he is from anything resembling intelligence gathering.

Brennan issued a statement in which he begins, “I’d be surprised if [ISIS] is not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the United States.”

Most people read this and clutch their belongings or do a scan of the room and locate their children, because that’s how Americans have been programmed to perceive terrorists. We’re trained to think that they’re going to jump out from behind bushes, or our closets. The CIA’s annual budget is $15 BILLION! How do they not know what the “enemy” is currently doing here in America?

Here’s a question: Why would John Brennan be surprised? Why doesn’t he know?

He’s in the intelligence business. The only thing he has to do, is literally KNOW what the ‘terrorists’ are doing. The fact that he sounds no different than a talking head on television is disconcerting. Don’t we have moles in ISIS? Doesn’t the NSA record every phone conversation? Do they not read every email?

As a man with the utmost authority on intelligence in this country his words carry so much more weight than yours and mine. Do something to stop terrorists besides making everyone get half undressed at the airport.

When they refuse to change their approach to catching terrorists, it presents us with two very real possibilities.

1. They actually would like a terror attack to happen here, in order to further some sick agenda.

2. The terror threat isn’t as grave as they want us to believe.

(Stepping down from my soapbox..)