She Claims She Gave Denzel Washington His First Library Card. Watch Him Surprise Her On Her 99th Birthday

Denzel Washington is unlike most A-list actors. He made it a point to visit an old friend whom he only met once and hadn’t seen in over 50 years. Why did he take the time to see her?

Denzel seems to be quite the catch. He is a kind and generous man who isn’t bashful when it comes to spreading the love.

A sweet 99-year-old lady by the name of Connie Mauro treasures her memory shared with Denzel. Connie adored Denzel and loved with him well before his fame. She can recall the day she met him like it was yesterday.

Connie shares her memory of him often and cherishes the precious impact Denzel had on her life. The two met when Denzel was only 7-years-old at the library.

Connie was the librarian in the children’s department at the time. Sweet Connie gave Denzel his very first library card. She even remembers what book he was looking for that day over 50 years ago.

Over the years, Connie has shared that treasured memory hundreds of times. And her family along with her nursing home staff wanted to do something special for her 99th birthday. And with that memory in mind, they pulled off the most incredible surprise!

With multiple attempts of contacting Denzel, Connie’s family finally reached him! Denzel promised her a phone call on her birthday. And to everyone’s surprise, he made an even bigger gesture when they spoke on the phone.

Watch this precious moment that will make you smile from ear to ear. 

Denzel very well could have told Connie what she wanted to hear and not followed through. But is that who Denzel is? No! He is a man of his word, because a few months later he showed up at her nursing home!

Denzel had everyone stunned at his appearance at the nursing home in Atlanta. He enjoyed his time there just as much as Connie did.

In anticipation of Denzel’s arrival, Connie knit him 3 scarves. She was thrilled to finally give something back to the man that made a lasting impression on her life.

Their time together sent Connie over the moon. Denzel’s kind gesture inspired everyone there that day.

Denzel went on to share his experience with Connie on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Hearing him talk about his time with Connie will make you grin.

How incredibly special! Denzel showed us a powerful example of what it means to put others first.

Thank you Denzel for showing us what it means to pay kindness forward. Sometimes the smallest interaction can leave a life-long impression on someone.

We need more people like Denzel Washington in Hollywood. Thank you for caring for and loving others so well! Please share if this made you smile!