Common Core Executive Reveals The Shocking World Behind Common Core

Project Veritas had a discussion with Kim Koerber, of course in classic Veritas fashion, unbeknownst to her.

The most shocking comments are those made when discussing the Founding Fathers. She kept calling them, “the dead white guys,” insisting that they weren’t as vital to history as “Republican people” make it seem.

She insists that the “Republican people” don’t know the entire Constitution and want to push just pieces of it, instead of the whole thing. So is that why they restrict the Constitutional material for just 5th and 12th graders?

I did a big presentation yesterday for AP US History and the AP US History agenda was set, until Texas got upset about it and they wanted to have their founders – they wanted founders in it. And it’s like – come on. The dead white guys did not create this country. It was a whole bunch of different kinds of people. And yes, there were women, and yes, there were people of color, and yes…you need to talk about them too. But they want to talk about those dead white guys.
– Kim Koerber

Things got even more incriminating when the subject of Christianity comes up.

Christianity is completely left out of common core. Its “not a core concept at all” according to Koerber. Of course the journalist presses for answers about why Islam is included, but not Christianity, and she doesn’t give a straight answer. She explains that you have to teach all the religions, but you leave out Christianity, which our country was founded on? Makes sense.

If this doesn’t get a fire started in your heart I don’t know what will.

Watch the full interview here:

We hope that Common Core is removed from the education system, and that reform comes when a good Republican president takes office. It’s not out of fear that we hope this, it’s out of a desire to have well-educated youth thinking for themselves.