She Completed This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Riddle In 1 Second, Can You Solve It Faster?

People are losing their minds over a riddle that has a surprisingly straight-forward answer. I must admit that it took me over 5 minutes to finally guess the correct words, do you know it?

The famous trivia show, Wheel of Fortune has been an American television icon for over 30 years, giving away more than $200 million in cash and prizes to contestants since its debut.

But last week’s episode got a little risqué when the last puzzle’s blanks came down to “_ _ CK  _T  _ ORK.”

When those magical green screens exposed the blanks, the internet exploded and thousands took to social media to take a stab at the answer.

Hilarious answers like “SUCK IT DORK” “HACK AT WORK” were sent in by baffled Twitter and Facebook users as the puzzle made the rounds across social media. Finally, many concluded that the only viable answer included the “F-word.”

America was seemingly stumped. So you can imagine our surprise when the show’s contestant answered correctly in approximately 1 second. And yes, you read that correctly, the contestant gave the correct answer in ONE SECOND! 

As it turns out, the correct answer was almost too simple, “BACK AT WORK.” 

Every now and again something truly astounding happens that’s too good not to share– this is one of those times. Did you guess the correct answer?