Cop Hangs Up On Son When He Hears Sirens, Then Boy’s Eyes Fill With Tears When He Notices Dad’s Sacrifice

As of late, our society has battling views of police officers. What part do they play in society? When do they cross the line? So much negativity surrounds their role in our communities. But one police officer’s wife recently spoke out, and it’s sure to move you to tears.

Ed Paz is a police officer in Philadelphia. He and his wife, Shannon Pisarek share 3 beautiful children. Shannon recently posted an example of what it’s like to have a policeman in the family, and it’s simply gut-wrenching.

Shannon understands the possibility that one day her husband might not come home from work. Unlike her, their young children can’t quite grasp that reality.

The couple’s children will frequently Facetime their dad while he’s at work, explaining to their mom that this is “a problem only daddy can help with.. not mommy.”

It’s adorable that they love and trust their dad so much, they’ll call him just to ask what tv channel their favorite show is on.

One night, Eddie Facetimed his dad with a question like he had dozens of times before. But this time was different: in the background, the young boy could hear a call come through on his dad’s radio. Something along the lines of “there’s a man with a gun.”

Eddie started to look concerned as his dad abruptly explained that he had to go. Just before the call got disconnected, sirens went off in the background, then *click.*

Shannon shared, “Then it happened. I looked at my Eddie’s face, and for the first time in his little 9-year-old life, he felt the danger.”

The young boy turned to his mom and yelled, “I’m scared for daddy!” as tears streamed down his face.

Shannon tried to comfort her precious boy and explain that it’s all a part of the job– Ed has to face those situations everyday.

At this point, Ed’s two sisters came running into the room to see what all the commotion was about. Once they heard what happened, they too burst into tears. They cried out, asking if daddy could come home.

Shannon tried to be honest, but gentle with the situation and said, “You guys know daddy is superman. Daddy always comes home.”

As they were all in a heap on the floor crying, the phone rang and guess who it was? DADDY! All 3 babes were instantly relieved to know their superhero dad was okay.

Ed grabbed the phone and picked up right where the father and son left off before. All was well in the world again.

Shannon shared this touching story to show that there is so much more going on behind the badge of a police officer. Everyone matters and sometimes that gets overlooked.

Shannon shared, “‘People’ seem to think that our cops are the bad guys. When they’re really just out there trying to do the right thing, and come home every night to their families who love them, and to their kids who probably also think that their daddy’s are Super Man too.”

Most of us only see the tip of the iceberg and judge the situation based on the little we see. When in reality, each and every person that stands in front of you has a family and people who love them.

Each individual is so much more than just themselves. There is an entire support system behind most everyone who cares for them.

Thank you Shannon for sharing the raw emotions that come with being the family behind the policeman. May we never forget to appreciate and thank police officers for everything they do for us.

Thank you to the selfless men and women that serve our communities and put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Day after day, may we be reminded of the reason we feel safe to go out and live our lives. I will never stop praying for our police officers! Please share if you agree.