A Cop Wasn’t Sure He Should Release This Video, Now Watch The Guys Hands Closely

Over the course of the past few years the media has done a superb job of showing police officers in a negative light, but most Americans know that our officers are generally good people.

Like any profession, there are certainly officers who abuse their power, but the majority of them are upstanding citizens looking to keep their communities safe.

While the talking heads prefer to talk about instances of police misconduct, there are countless examples of officers policing their own, but these videos often go unnoticed.This is the case in Michigan, where a police officer pulled over, and eventually arrested, a fellow policeman.


In the following video, a man is pulled over after several complaints had been made about a “reckless driver” on the road. When officers approached the car, they were informed by the driver that he was “one of you guys.”

Immediately the driver pressures the deputies to simply let him “sleep it off,” but the arresting officers weren’t having any of it.


“Um, just let me go,” the intoxicated cop says to the deputies.

“I can’t,” the officer says. “I’ve got multiple 911 calls about a reckless driver. Your plate and all matches.” The incredibly calm officer then asks the Lieutenant if he would simply let a drunk driver go because he was a cop.

“Yes. Just because,” the driver says before trailing off in a drunken stupor.


Upon watching the video it isn’t hard to conclude that the driver is obviously wasted (his BAC was 3x the legal limit), and these deputies did the right thing. The media will be the first to tell you about this imaginary “blue shield” that exists, but that message must have been missed by these deputies.

Maybe, just maybe, the media has blown the “police are bad” narrative a little out of proportion. Here are two deputies willing to risk their reputations by arresting a fellow officer. Hopefully this story gets out there, and people realize that most of our officers are exceptional people looking to help their neighborhoods.


Thank you to the thousands of men and women who put on a uniform, and keep us safe in our daily lives!