A Cop Went Into Golden Chick And Walked Out Horrified, What The Cashier Did? DISGUSTING!

This past Thursday another restaurant chain denied service to a Dallas police sergeant.

It was around lunch time when the patrol sergeant walked into Golden Chick, where he was met with much hostility.

An employee walked out from the back to inform the officer that they did not serve his “kind,” referring to police officers.

Golden Chick went straight into damage control with store Director Ike Ugokwe saying, “you can see it crashing down because of one simple comment,” but this comment was anything but simple.

Let’s all take a moment and imagine if these roles were reversed. What if a police officer was dispatched for an emergency, but when he arrives, instead of doing his job he states, “I don’t serve your kind.” That one “simple” comment isn’t so simple anymore.

Golden Chick is only the most recent restaurant to deny service to a police officer, joining Wendy’s and Genghis Grill on the list in the past year, and that’s just in the DFW area.

So why is this happening? Why is it that in 2016, 140 police officers can die in the line of duty, as well as 16 already this year, yet some people believe they don’t deserve lunch?

This outrageous trend stems from a much larger problem. When a person sees a police officer, they see a uniform, not the brave man or woman wearing it, and due to this the officers become dehumanized. People disregard the fact that these men and women are simply trying to get through their long work day like the rest of us.

Thankfully, justice prevailed and this employee was terminated from Golden Chick, however, this type of blatant disrespect must come to an end. Police officers are people, not robots with a badge, and they vow to protect and serve. Is it so much to ask that we serve them back?