Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott Turns Down Huge Endorsement Deal

Dallas Cowboys’ rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has taken the NFL by storm in his first season, leading his team to a 5-1 record going into their bye-week. But what the former Mississippi State Bulldog just did will only make you fall in love with the guy.

As far as rookie seasons go, Prescott is having one for the record books. But it was this recent action off the field that is making headlines… and for good reason.

While most professional athletes are worried about endorsement deals and adding streams of revenue, Dak is showing the world that he puts family first, as rumors have surfaced that the Cowboys’ star turned down “lucrative” endorsements for a shocking reason.


After starting the season 0-1, Prescott has since led the ‘Boys to five straight victories and has made himself a household name along the way. Naturally, as he has become more and more popular, brands have increasingly reached out to offer endorsement deals, but Dak has other things in mind.

As it turns out, Dak is choosing to spend his bye-week doing something far more valuable than photo-ops and commercials. Instead, the football star will be spending the week in Louisiana visiting his grandmother.


The rookie, who has been calm and cool so far this season, obviously values family over dollar bills, which is something you don’t see from your typical 23 year old. Let alone, a 23 year old with a multi-million dollar contract.


One thing is for certain, his late mother, Peggy, is definitely looking down, proudly, on her son.