Criminals Have Found A Scary Way To Avoid Police, Here’s What You Need To Know

As the Trump administration keeps its promise of aggressively enforcing immigration laws, more and more illegal immigrant sympathizers seem to be emerging.

Now, social media is being used to help illegal immigrants remain undetected by law enforcement.

Private Facebook groups have been created to keep tabs on police and immigration authority movements. The groups have been providing information to illegal immigrants such as photos of checkpoints, locations of police activity, and advice on how to avoid being stopped.

These groups have been found in many states such as New York, Texas, and North Carolina, to name a few. One of the groups in California has over 115,000 members on Facebook.

Although some of the groups were formed years ago, many of the pages were created after president Trump was inaugurated. A group formed less than a month ago in El Paso, TX already has 2,000 members. The group focuses on providing information regarding border checkpoints.

Why are people going out of their way to combat the law? Having empathy for non-citizens is one thing, but at what point do we actually start enforcing the law?

One of the newest technologies in use by some of these groups is a walkie-talkie app, created in Austin, Texas, call Zello. “Part social media, part phone and part radio,” this app allows people to communicate at the push of a button. This seemingly unknown app has also been known to be a tool of ISIS fighters to share information and extremist sermons, using as little bandwidth as possible.

With over 12 million illegal immigrants in our country, it would appear that law enforcement has quite a daunting task ahead of them. The fact that so many Americans would help circumvent the law is not only baffling, but also concerning. If we begin to pick and choose the laws that we follow, then soon laws will become irrelevant!