Dak Prescott Stuns The World When He Steps On The Field And Gets Caught Doing This

The Dallas Cowboys’ never could have guessed that Dak Prescott would go on to have one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory, but they were aware of his character, and that showed this week against the Minnesota Vikings.

During the game the camera’s noticed that Prescott was wearing pair of shoes with a custom logo, but it wasn’t one most people were familiar with.

Prescott, along with many other players, is rocking some new footwear in part of the NFL’s new “My Cause My Cleats” initiative, but his shoes didn’t have a charity on the side. Instead, they had the letters “M-O-M” written on the side as a tribute to his mother, who died of colon cancer back in 2013.


Prescott is a huge supporter of fundraising events, but he told The Player’s Tribune that he tries to attend every colon cancer, or American Cancer Society fundraiser he can.

“Fundraisers help raise money for research and treatment, and are very impactful,” he said in the interview. “Research has already helped to lower the number of diagnoses each year, but it’s important we keep going and learn even more about how to fight and beat this disease.”


Whether you are a fan of the Cowboys, or not, it is hard to deny that Dak Prescott is a class act. He’s only 23 years old, but his behavior both on and off the field make it seem as though he’s a seasoned veteran. Hopefully by bringing awareness to this cause, others will be encouraged to support the cause to end cancer!