She Thought Her Shampoo Would Take Care Of The Dandruff, What The Doctors Said? WOW

When I heard the mind-blowing secret to getting rid of dandruff for good, I never washed my hair the same way again.

There’s nothing worse than dandruff destroying the confidence you had after all the time and effort you spent getting ready.

No matter how many anti-dandruff shampoos we try, there’s still millions of people struggling with those unwanted flakes that RUIN our day.

But now, you can finally relax. After hours of thorough research, we found 7 ways to get rid of dandruff for good – and most of the remedies might be hiding in your kitchen right NOW! Can I get an AMEN?

I was shocked to the core when I learned what could be causing those humiliating flakes. Doctors say THIS common mistake could be the culprit…


According to hair expert Francesca Fusco, the problem could be your conditioner! No matter how much anti-dandruff shampoo you use, the conditioner can reverse all the hard work that the shampoo did. How frustrating, right?!

I love how silky conditioner makes my hair, but not as much as I HATE the dandruff it causes! However, the solutions to this problem are even MORE mind-blowing than discovering my conditioner can reverse the effects of my anti-dandruff shampoo.

“Unilever has done studies on this, and they found that when people use dandruff shampoo, specifically ones with zinc pyrithione, and they use a beauty conditioner afterwards they can rinse away up to 50 percent of the flake-fighting effects of the medicated shampoo,” says Francesca.


Before trying any of the remedies below, you MUST watch the video at the end of this article to learn how to apply them!

Here’s 7 simple ways to get rid of dandruff for good:

#1: Tea Tree Oil


#2: Apple Cider Vinegar


#3: Raw Egg Yolk


#4: Coconut Oil with Lemon Juice


“You might find something in your kitchen that works even better than something you find in the drugstore,” lifestyle blogger Jennifer Chiu said.

#5: Zinc Pyrithione Dandruff Shampoos

Woman holding bottle of shampoo in cosmetics department

#6: Switching Shampoos


#7: Cold Water Showers

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Learn how to use these dandruff remedies right now!

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