Daycare Worker Caught Abusing Children Under Her Care, Parents Need To Watch For Warning Signs

The thought of your child being harmed when you leave them in someone else’s care is most likely the worst case scenario for any parent. And for this woman, that’s exactly what happened.

5,321 daycare providers have been found abusing or neglecting children in their care. That is entirely too many people mistreating children. And that horrifying number doesn’t even come close to the real number of precious kids that are being abused.

Over 3.5 million cases of abuse were reported in a single year to CPS. That number is sickening. What will it take to bring this to a screeching halt?

In one recent case, a daycare worker named Jasmine Torres turned herself in after parent released a horrifying video of Torres throwing down their child.

The shocking video shows Jazmine ruthlessly throwing the 18-month-old boy down on his mat for nap time. The mother of the little boy happened to be watching the livestream of the classroom and was mortified to see her son being handled this way.

Jazmine was let go from the daycare along with another co-worker after the video leaked. The daycare released a statement shortly after the two employees were fired.

The daycare stated, “Upon being made aware of the situation, we immediately notified the authorities and partnered with the state as well as conducted our own investigation. Those involved are no longer with us.”

Thankfully this incident cost Jazmine more than her job. She was arrested with a felony of child endangerment and a bail set at $10,000.

Parents beware of Children’s Courtyard on Parkwood Boulevard in Plano. This is not the first time they have had serious violations against their establishment.

The daycare has received 28 violations, 8 of which were high risk. It’s safe to say they have lost all credibility and any kind of relationship with the community.

Parents be thorough when researching daycares for your little ones. There can be major consequences if not. Take the time to ask around and do some digging to find out who is really caring for your children.

When your kiddos leave your sight, you need to be 100% sure they are in good hands. There are incredible daycares out there, unfortunately there are just as many to look out for.

It is simply terrifying to think of what can happen to your children behind closed doors. May this serve as a sobering reminder that you can never be too cautious. Thank God this mother was keeping an eye on the camera! Please share this story with everyone you know– by doing so you may safe a life!