Mike Rowe Was Too Busy To Call His Mom, So She Sent Him A Letter For His “Little Friends On Facebook”

The “Dirty Jobs” host is known for a great many things. But just recently, Rowe has found himself in a bit of hot water after committing a serious crime that sadly, many of us are guilty of from to time.

Mike Rowe hasn’t been calling his mother, Peggy enough. Because of Mike’s lack of interest in her life, Mama Rowe decided to write her son a long letter by way of email — and it does not disappoint.

The hilarious letter includes a guilt trip about his lack of communication, and a wildly entertaining story about how she left her purse (pictured below and also affectionally known as “Old Blue”) at Wal-Mart.

Mothers are one of life’s greatest gifts on this side of eternity, but sadly, they are often taken for granted. And Mike Rowe’s mama wasn’t about to let her son forget all that she’d done for him. And I have a feeling that after this letter, the famous “Dirty Jobs” star won’t be making the same mistake twice.


As it turns out, while Mike wasn’t communicating with his mama, she was keeping tabs on him. Mama Rowe was seemingly upset that while he was “too busy” to pick up the phone, he appeared to have all the time in the world to interact with his “little friends on Facebook.”

In an attempt to tactfully confront her son’s disrespect, Mama Rowe crafted a brilliant email — complete with a story of her own that he “could share on Facebook” and her phone number– “just in case he had misplaced it.”


After receiving his mother’s letter, Rowe decided to read it to his fans on Facebook Live, and it is quite possibly the best thing you’ll find on the internet today.

Mike Rowe prefaced the letter with this simple description, “Here’s a recent email from my mother that made me pee my pants.”

I promise, you don’t want to miss this: 

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“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”