Days Before The Election A Trump Campaign Crisis Has Emerged

There’s no question about it: the United States is at a tipping point. The outcome of this next election will determine a great deal of the future direction we’ll take. Either, our nation will be driven by a maniacal criminal opportunist who has made a career in politics, or by a billionaire captain of industry.

We live in a digital age and the current powers that be are just now being slapped in the face with this realization. We’ve witnessed the D.C. power structure and the specifically the Clinton Crime Cartel take powerful blows to their persons because of devastating computer hacks, which resulted in their personal emails being divulged to the global population.

These emails are damaging because they show the true thoughts of a political criminal and exactly how little she thinks of the people and issues she claims to support. Hillary Clinton has no mind for Catholics, Evangelicals, or even people who claim to be for the environment. She doesn’t care about the poor. How do we know? In part, because she and her husband have destroyed the nation of Haiti by siphoning off most of the funds donated to the aid relief following the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Enough people in power seem to know this, but why do they walk free? Largely because the masses insist on maintaining ideas like this about her.


Has anyone stopped to consider if taking down Donald J. Trump’s web servers or hacking his emails would cause irreparable damage to his campaign and our hope of a White House sans-Clinton?

Think about it for a second: was John Podesta’s email account really hacked by the Russians? Did Seth Rich play a part in it as well? The news outlets will report these things as FACT and then stop right there, as if this negates the criminal behavior revealed in the emails. If American journalists would have been doing their jobs in the first place, then we wouldn’t need any sort of hackers to expose Hillary. The Russian blame shifting done by the Dems is just to throw you off Hillary’s trail. Russia has long been the great boogey man for American minds, and sadly that narrative is still proving effective in manipulating the public.


Would Putin love to disrupt our election? Sure. It’s not like America hasn’t disrupted plenty of elections of its own. If anything, our “Presidential Selection” is currently reaping what has been sown in other countries around the world.

Let’s consider Donald Trump’s emails and web servers. Let’s pray, if you’re the praying type, that his servers stay safeguarded and that no weapons formed against him will prosper. Right now, he’s public enemy No. 1 on so many people’s lists who would love to manipulate any information about him they can in order to tip the election toward Hillary. Pray that the justice of his cause will shine like the noonday sun.