Hours Before The Inauguration, Obama Makes A Last Ditch Effort To Wreck Trump’s Presidency

Some people would actually have you believe that Russians hacking, and Macedonian bloggers, are what really won the election for Donald Trump. And one of those people is definitely President Barack Obama.

He allegedly believes this so much that he just ordered 37 Russian diplomats to leave the United States immediately. Russia has long been our nation’s go to bad guy since the 40’s, and they’re always an easy scapegoat for when you need a quick explanation.

President Elect Trump has appeared to be favorable towards Russian President, Putin, and this has greatly angered all of the Washington establishment. Obama kicking out Russia’s diplomats is just one of the ways Obama is trying to make the situation as messy as possible for Trump for when he takes office January 20.

Despite a report from the DHS and FBI saying Russia was involved, there’s no actual proof. The irony of the entire situation seems to be lost on the masses. Trump repeatedly said that if he lost the election then that means that Hillary rigged it. For these statements he was ridiculed, because it undermined a core value of America: Free and open Democratic elections. No one wants to admit nefarious forces tampered with any election ever, and no one wanted to admit that the election of the United States could be tampered with.

But as soon as Trump won, instantly all those rules and precedents went out the window. The Democrats have had zero issue with blaming Trump and Putin for colluding with each other. Because obviously there’s no way in a just world that Donald Trump would ever fairly be elected in this country.

When the Russian story initially faded, that’s when the whole “Fake News” meme was brought out, which actually puts the Clinton campaign in a worse light. They started blaming bloggers in Macedonia for writing fake news articles that swayed the “dopey” American masses.

If the Clinton campaign couldn’t overcome bloggers, then that’s indicative of the bigger reason they didn’t win. They’re playing from a outdated playbook, and just assumed their victory was a shoe-in. However the bloggers is another distraction, and the Clintons are indeed playing with old ideas that don’t work in 2016.

Obama’s sanctions today is a last ditch effort to validate the ‘official’ narrative in the mind’s of Americans.

There’s no word yet from the Trump team if he’ll keep the sanctions or not.