Milo Yiannopoulos Posts The Heartbreaking Truth Behind The Attacks That Took His Career Down

Day by day the left continues to demonstrate that inciting violence, curbing free speech, and creating false narratives are okay, so long as they are the ones doing it.

Case in point, Milo Yiannopoulos, the now former editor for Breitbart News.

You might remember a few weeks ago in Berkeley, California when protestors would not allow Yiannopoulos to talk on the campus of UC-Berkeley. The so-called birthplace of the Free-Speech movement was the scene of a violent mob shutting down a public speaking appearance. So much for tolerance.

After taking Bill Maher to task on the HBO show “Real Time”, the media began sifting through YouTube to find some sort of “dirt” on the self-described “dangerous faggot,” and what do you know, they “found” something!

Bill Maher And Friends Bully “Impish, British Fag” Because They Are So Tolerant

Every left-leaning news outlet (which is most of them) ran the story that “Milo’s comments cost him a book deal” after video surfaced of him discussing being sexually abused as an adolescent. Usually a point of sympathy for the left, Yiannopoulos does not get the treatment reserved for victims of sexual abuse. Instead, he has been demonized simply because he doesn’t agree with the politically-correct ideology the left subscribes to. So, words were taken out of context, and an entirely new narrative was born out of a year old video few had seen before.

Within days of ripping Maher to shreds, the left had successfully forced Milo to resign from Breitbart. After Yiannopoulos’ $250,000 book deal was pulled, liberals rejoiced, as if censorship is something to be praised. Liberals want books banned, Nazi’s wanted them burned, and yet they still can’t see the stupidity in calling Trump the next Hitler.

Milo had the perfect response after he left;

This week, for political gain, the media and the Republican establishment accused a child abuse victim of enabling child abuse. It’s sick. But they have not killed me. They have only made me stronger.

Thank you for the support. You guys have kept me sane. In a few months, this will be a distant memory. I’ll be back with details of my new publisher, my new media venture and my new tour.

These are strange times indeed, my friends. Sensible people are called “crazy” by folks walking around in pink “pussy hats.” Conservative Americans are labeled as close-minded fascists, while liberals silence those who don’t champion their causes (assuming the left has a cause).

While painting with a broad stroke, and simply labeling any and all “liberals” as ignorant fools is easy, the truth is that most of them have been misled. Why else would millions of women take to the streets to protest rights they already have? Clearly something has gone wrong, and many people are just looking for a sense of belonging. Rioting and protesting provides the sense of community many depressed, lost people are looking for. They get to feel like they are helping, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Right now, throwing garbage at the president is acceptable, and downright encouraged. Over the previous eight years we had a smooth-talking, cool black guy who played hoops, listened to pop music, and was adored by the media-elite. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall on, it’s hard to deny the difference in treatment by the media between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. This is why you have groups like “Refuse Fascism”, and the like, popping up in an effort to shut down political discourse, in favor of a “my way or the highway” approach.

For time purposes, fascism is the idea that the government should be run by one party. Fascists believe violence is a useful means to an end. They rise up to shut down their political opponents by any means necessary. Now, what party does this sound like?

For the record, conservatives are not calling for riots, and dissent. Conservatives are not calling for a boycott of a clothing line ran by a successful businesswoman. Conservatives are not attempting to silence a gay foreigner for having a different point of view.

Now, conservatives and republicans are mistakenly lumped together most times. Republicans in the National Government, most of the time, are just as wishy-washy as their democrat counterparts. This is why guys like John McCain pass on false information about the president. Obviously there’s a coordinated effort by the establishment to shut down Donald Trump, and those who vocalize their support for him. The media, established politicians, and the “deep state” are doing everything they can to get the public fired up, and fortunately for them the sheep are gullible enough to take the bait.

Often times, their positions don’t even logically make sense. Ivanka Trump is painted as an enemy of women’s rights, but typically the left props up female entrepreneurs. Donald Trump is “homophobic,” meanwhile Hillary Clinton gets a pass for saying marriage should be between a man and a woman (gasp)! Milo Yiannopoulos gets called an “impish, British fag,” on TV by Bill Maher, but it’s Trump who is “normalizing” bullying. Never mind the fact that liberals see no shame in attacking the president’s 10-year old son, their cause is a nobler one!

At the end of the day, when you realize that human beings are more emotional than logical, you begin to understand a little bit of what’s going on in 2017 America. There’s a reason news outlets don’t spend more than a day on a “scandal.” That would require an assessment of facts, and if the American people know the truth, how will Democrats work to stir them up? Otherwise we’d still be talking about “pissgate,” or whatever other “gate” they’ve included the president in. Smoke and mirrors, my friends (and they still cry about being called “fake news”).

Few thought that it would come to the point where liberals are praising censorship, and yet here we are. In their effort to censor an adversary, the left has shown their true colors. They aren’t interested in diversity of thought, or culture, but instead they would see to it that all people think exactly the same. Of course, in typical “our crap doesn’t stink” fashion, many who identify themselves as liberal are blind to their own faults. This is usually why they resort to insults as Larry Wilmore did a few days ago:

Conservative Americans need to wake up, and speak out against the hypocrisy of the left. How they praise the censorship of an individual, while simultaneously throwing around the word “tolerance” makes any sensible person’s head spin. Buckle up, folks. These next four years aren’t going to make a whole lot of sense.