Days After He Retires, The Truth About Tony Romo’s Exit Stuns Every Fan He Left Behind

Tony Romo recently retired from the Dallas Cowboys, but he’s in the limelight now more than ever and it’s all thanks to his two little boys.

Romo is quite the family man. He is married to Candice Crawford and they have 2 sons, Hawkins and Rivers– and this new home video goes to show just how special they are to him.

The retired quarterback hasn’t been one for social media, but he recently joined Instagram and his first post did not disappoint.

With nearly one million views, you’ll quickly realize why Tony Romo’s first home video is going viral:  

These future football players are outrageously cute and are already showing off their athletic abilities. Well, they may have a little work to do, but time is on their side. Not to mention they have a great coach and mentor to look up!

Romo’s day job might have changed, but he’s still dad to his little nuggets and that will never change.

Thank you Tony Romo for reminding us that no matter who you are or what you do, family always comes first. Please share if this video made you smile!